Our intent is to promote ALL Front Engine Dragsters on Nitro! or Blown Alky This includes "Newstalgia" (VRA Legal),
Open Top Fuel, (426's, 2-spds etc.), as well as "original" front engine dragsters from the past.
1/4 mile drags for those meeting current chassis specs and 1/8 mile for original cars who can not meet the new specs.

Booking and Team Information: Call (207) 667-5129

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Nostalgia Nitro Friendly Tracks Maple Grove | Englishtown | Rockingham | Cordova | Norwalk | Darlington
Beech Bend | US 13 Dragway

Bob Steffens Bob Bradley - NitroCentral Lincoln Hassell - NCRocksRus
The Hemi Hunter King and Marshall -- Image Coming Soon Guy Boucher - Last Ivo FED
Kevin Sine BB Chevy Frantic Fueler - Dragster Dave Adam Douglas